About Us

Snaps is a unique jewelry brand and Patent born out of real necessity for real women – enjoying a wide variety of designed jewelry without having to compromise on quality or price!

We offer you a playground of interchangeable jewelry where you can build a collection that’s perfect for YOU and keep up with the latest trends.

With Our main signature line of patented snap jewelry you can attach endless Pendants to a vast variety of high-end Bases with a simple, but sturdy, snap.

Our studio releases new trendy designs on a monthly basis, giving our fans a way to build an ever growing collection of interchangeable snaps and change their whole look in seconds.


Lilach Bar-Noy, an Architect and designer, together with Inbar Ariav, with her many years experience in sales, started the business together from their small apartment. They handcrafted each piece by hand and worked 24/7 to make their dream come true.

Their goal was to build a community of “snap-o-holics” and a company that empowers and employs young woman.

Today our owners have over 30 employees, most of which are women, 3 direct selling points, a successful online store and 4 healthy babies 🙂

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Patented unique snap mechanism

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